Aims & Scope

Content     Volume 6, Number 11, November, 2016,P841-P918

Dengue research
Current observation on Aedes mosquitoes: A survey on implication of dengue infection, human lifestyle
and preventive measure among Malaysia resident in urban and sub-urban areas
Genetic analysis of imported dengue virus strains by Iranian travelers
AIDS research
Synthesis and evaluation of antiviral activities of novel sonochemical silver nanorods against HIV and
HSV viruses
Parasitological research
Soil transmitted helminths in animals – how is it possible for human transmission?
Diagnosis of acute toxoplasmosis in pregnant women referred to therapeutic centers of Alborz
Province (Iran) using immunoglobulin G avidity ELISA technique
Microbiological research
Pathogenic bacteria and heavy metals toxicity assessments in evaluating unpasteurized raw milk
quality through biochemical tests collected from dairy cows
Propolis-Sahara honeys preparation exhibits antibacterial and anti-biofilm activity against bacterial
biofilms formed on urinary catheters
Faunal research
Species composition and geographical distribution of Saharan scorpion fauna, Morocco
Floral research
Daucus aristidis Coss. essential oil: Volatile constituents and antimicrobial activity in pre-flowering stage
Variability of curcuminoid content and lack of correlation with cytotoxicity in ethanolic extracts from 20
accessions of Curcuma aeruginosa RoxB
Short communication
Record of porcine brucellosis in India by indigenously developed indirect ELISA
Review article
Vibrio cholerae: A historical perspective and current trend
Role of microbial flora in female genital tract: A comprehensive review
Pharmacological aptitude and profiling of active constituent from Otostegia limbata-Comprehensive review